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Riverview Monument Company by Tufts Schildmeyer is a full service memorial provider of top quality Granite and Bronze Memorials at an affordable price. Riverview Monument is part of the Tufts Schildmeyer "Family of Services" and was established in 1997 to meet the affordable memorial needs of families.  

Riverview is your complete resource for granite and bronze.  Riverview is quarry direct, which means we have constant access to inventory at very good prices from around the world, in most situations we are 20% to 30% below normal retailers, we guarantee to beat all prices from any other providers.


We understand how to memorialize your loved one. For many people the number of options and possibilities available in crafting the perfect granite memorial may either seem daunting or, if this is their first experience with memorials, they may not even realize the multitude of color, shape, and design options, WE DO.  Let us help you design your memorial today!

So how does Riverview offer such competitive pricing?  We do not carry an abundance of expensive stock and inventory enabling us to offer the BEST price.  We are quarry direct and receive shipments daily from our granite and bronze manufacturers.  Our state of the art planning center allows you to customize your memorial with your planner through our VIRTUAL planner.
Our professional and caring staff members will help you design a memorial that will satisfy your heart-felt need to honor your loved one. For more information, a quote, or to order a marker or monument please call one of our planners at 513-334-4568 or email us at