Legal Affairs

For a complimentary Aftercare Guidebook, please email us.

We have provided you a checklist of items that you may need to take care of after the passing of your loved one.

 Family Follow-up Checklist

  • Notify family lawyer of death and request original will.
  • Notify accountant/financial advisor and request documents.
  • Contact the Social Security Administration regarding benefits.
  • Notify life insurance companies to determine benefits and cancel polices.
  • Contact financial institutions about accounts and safety deposit box.
  • Contact investment institutions about accounts.
  • Contact mortgage company about mortgage loans.
  • Contact credit card companies to switch/cancel card.
  • Contact employer to notify associates and inquire about benefits.
  • Contact health care providers (hospice, nursing care, physicians)
  • Contact auto insurance agent to cancel coverage and/or change policy.
  • Contact auto loan/lease companies to reconcile accounts.
  • Contact utilities to cancel or change billing status.
  • Contact service providers (lawn care, cable TV, pest control, etc) to cancel service or change billing status.
  • Cancel or change periodical subscriptions (magazines, newsletters, etc)
  • Cancel memberships.
  • Remove name/address from mailing and telemarketing.